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Florida License Suspension News – Traffic Attorney Video Blog On New Technology On The Florida Roads

There is a new technology on the Florida roads that is helping police find motorists driving with a suspended license.  Police officers have cameras mounted to the tops of their cars that are rapidly taking photos of every license plate that passes the car. Those photos are immediately fed into a computer that compares the plates to driving records and runs those plates looking for people driving with a license suspension.

Florida Traffic Attorney David Haenel discusses this new technology in his latest video blog. David talks about the repercussions that can come with driving on a suspended license including a possible trip to jail. Often times police cars that are equipped with this new camera technology are stationed on a median taking hundreds of photos and running all those license plates waiting for information to pop up on unsuspecting motorists.

Often times the driver is unaware that he or she has a driver’s license suspension. These suspensions can come from a failure to pay a ticket or due to an accumulation of points during a certain period of time. Whatever the cause of you Florida license suspension, once the officer runs your plate and gets a hit on that tag number, you could be hauled off to jail.

Is it possible to fight these license suspensions? In Florida our experienced traffic attorneys can definitely help you not only fight your license suspension but also work with you to try and get your driving privileges reinstated. There are options for you if you find that you are DWLS. David Haenel has years of experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney in dealing with traffic matters and license suspensions. He is available 24/7 to talk with you about the specifics of your license suspension or any traffic matter.

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