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Of the over 15 million licensed drivers in the State of Florida, 17.1 percent or 2.6 million drivers are suspended as a result of a D-6 suspension. A D6 suspension is issued by the DHSMV when a driver has not complied with court directive or by failing to take action on a citation. The Clerk’s office notifies DHSMV when you receive a citation but you do not take action on the citation within the required amount of time. The Clerks offices are tied into the DHSMV system so if you fail to pay a ticket, elect traffic school or fail to comply with a court order then the DHSMV is supposed to send you a letter to tell you that your license will be suspended on a particular date. These letters are NOT sent first class. Because of the volume, they are sent bulk rate class and oftentimes these suspension notices never arrive.

In many instances we can clear up the suspension by filing the appropriate paperwork with the Clerk’s office in an attempt to challenge the citation. However, a D-6 suspension can also happen if you feel to appear in Court on a criminal matter. The Judge will order a D-6 suspension and your license will remain suspended until we can get in front of a Judge to address the facts in your particular case. You must realize that a suspension in Florida will more than likely affect your ability to get a license in any state. Because most states share information through the National Driver Registry, that will probably prevent you from getting a license outside of Florida until you address your Florida suspension.

In the instances were we can contest your citation or criminal case, we will show the clerk’s office the proper documentation to lift your suspension. Some county clerks will clear your suspension automatically when you pay your late fees. Other counties require you/us to hand deliver your D-6 clearance form to the DHSMV or tax collector office and pay a reinstatement fee.

One of the most common issues involving D-6 suspensions arises when a civil infraction (speeding, careless driving, stop sign etc.) is given to the driver but no action is taken within the required time period (30 days from date of issuance). In many instances we can set aside any suspension and get the case back on the docket. That will allow us to fight to keep the points off. See our Florida Traffic Ticket website that details the traffic ticket process.

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