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Florida Driver’s License Reinstatement

Can we help you get your license back? Our office receives hundreds of calls a month from people whose license has been suspended by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. If you have a pending case in criminal court or have received a citation for driving while license suspended, we must first assess the reason for your suspension. Some suspensions, like those for points or DUI, may not be reinstateable immediately. However, other suspensions referred to as reinstatable suspensions, like child support, failure to pay a ticket or inactive suspensions can often be cleared up and your license reinstated.

You can receive real time access to your driver license status by visiting the DHSMV website. In situations where your tickets are unpaid, this search will give you citation numbers and the clerk’s phone number. If your unpaid civil infraction is for driving while license suspended you should immediately consult an attorney BEFORE paying off the ticket. In Florida, payment of a civil infraction will result in an adjudication of guilt. Depending on your prior driving history that may subject you to a 5 year habitual traffic offender suspension. To learn more about habitual traffic offenders please visit the HTO page on this site.

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